NewStart Stephen Ministry

NewStart church in Frisco, Texas provides Stephen Ministers who are lay persons trained to convey the love of Christ to those who are distressed by loss, health problems, or other difficult times.

What is Stephen Ministry?

Stephen Ministry is a complete system for training and organizing lay persons to provide one-to-one Christian care in and around our community. In Stephen Ministry congregations, lay caregivers (called Stephen Ministers) provide one-to-one Christian care to the bereaved, hospitalized, terminally ill, separated, divorced, unemployed, relocated, and others facing a crisis or life challenge. Stephen Ministry helps pastors and congregations provide quality caring ministry for as long as people need it.

We Can Help…

NewStart church in Frisco is blessed to have 3 trained and commissioned Stephen Leaders and 4 trained Stephen Ministers with a minimum of 60 hours of training. These men and women stand ready to provide care to those in need.

If you have need for a personal and confidential Stephen Minister,

please contact Pastor Denise Crawford on (214) 282-5576